Embracing the Mystery: The Sacred Unfolding in Ordinary People and Everyday Lives

Paperback: 323 pages
Publisher: Rogers McKay Publishing (June 2004)
ISBN-10: 0974953504
ISBN-13: 978-0974953502
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Embracing the Mystery by Meredith Jordan
“Embracing the Mystery” is a collection of spiritually compelling stories and inspirational reflections about those numinous moments when the spirit of mystery is revealed in ordinary life and brings with it an extraordinary grace, where we are irrevocably changed. Chapter by chapter, story by story, the book describes the everyday challenges of real people striving to be awake for these revelations. This all-embracing essential book provides questions and meditations at the end of each chapter that urge the reader to examine his or her own experiences of revelation.

As much about failure as the times we shine, this book teaches “there is no place where God is not.”
–Deborah Pfeffer, Kripalu yoga teacher

Challenging, delightful stories with enlightened solutions!
–The Mindquest Review, September, 2004

Jordan walks readers through issues we all encounter. Her stories have one common plea: they exhort readers to live authentically.
–Book Review Cafe, July 2004

Meredith Jordan lifts the sacred out of everyday moments and presents them to us in small gifts!
–Christina Baldwin, author of Calling the Circle, The Seven Whispers, Storycatcher, and The Circle Way


Standing Still: Hearing the Call to a Spirit-Centered Life

Paperback: 327 pages
Publisher: Rogers McKay Publishing; 1st edition (September 1, 2006)
ISBN-10: 0974953520
ISBN-13: 978-0974953526
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Cover of Standing Still

We live in a culture that functions at a furious pace and lures us, little by little, into placing our attention outward instead of turning inward where the still, quiet voice of Mystery speaks, sometimes in tones so hushed we fail to notice unless we are standing still. The over-busy world in which we live is not user-friendly to those of us who choose to live lives consciously centered in Spirit. Following the inspirational and often thought-provoking path of her first book, “Embracing the Mystery: the Sacred Unfolding in Ordinary People and Everyday Lives,” psychotherapist, interfaith spiritual director, and author Meredith Jordan continues to pursue and examine the many complex and fruitful aspects of the spiritual journey. In “Standing Still: Hearing the Call to a Spirit-Centered Life,” she probes those times when we are challenged by life events occasionally even forced to stop everything, wait for our next instructions, and listen quietly as those next steps are made clear. Masterfully weaving spiritual wisdom into the stories of seekers in their everyday lives, Jordan teaches that the Source of All Life is continually generating new opportunities for us to expand and mature spiritually, if we only see that these opportunities most often arrive disguised as our lives.

An intriguing book. Jordan’s insights into how we unearth and nourish the roots of spiritual wisdom are wonderfully uplifting.
–Jim Kellar, Business Consultant, Sioux Falls, SD

Meredith Jordan weaves a tapestry of wisdom stories inspiring us to become a people of unshakeable courage and extravagant love!
–Inge Judd, Librarian/Poet, New York City

STANDING STILL is another book of engaging, luminous and memorable stories about people who are on their everyday spiritual journey. The author reminds the reader to remember the power of story to touch what might otherwise remain untouched in us, something deep in the soul that could be changed forever.
–G. Richard Wheatcroft